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Welcome to The Art of Not Dying! 

Welcome to my little blog... or blogette, really -- on The Art of Not Dying, notes and stray thoughts springing from my album, Resurrection Road, which was just released. 

This month, June 2017, marks the one year anniversary of my life-altering diagnosis, and this last year has been a trip:  a shocking revelation of medical news so sudden and brutal that I literally did not have time to be scared, just dropped headlong into the fight of my life, for my life, which will last the rest of my life. Ah well, so be it. 

A year of surgery and radiation treatments, chemo and many infusions and injections and tests. Of learning to walk again, and to heal enough to fight on. A year in which old dreams burned away, but new dreams took their place.  It has not been an entirely bad experience, and I make the best of things and celebrate each small victory.  

And, because art imitates life imitating art, my struggle and journey has become a project, The Art of Not Dying: Tales of Recovery on the Resurrection Road. Because, why the hell not? 

The twelve songs featured on Resurrection Road are a sonic sojourn, a picture painted in sound. Postcards from the road, moments captured along the way. 53 minutes carved into little slices of emotional time and space, writ in rock and roll. 'Cuz I'm old school that way, or maybe just, old? 

But what the hell...  it is what it is, and I'm not quite dead quite yet. 

I hope you will take a moment, turn it up, let it in.  And feel free to let me know what you think.

The Art of Not Dying -- Podcast #1  

Here is the premiere episode of The Art of Not Dying, with yours truly and co-host Michael Osborne -- a frank and surprisingly funny recounting of my first days in the Trauma Ward at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in June 2016, my diagnosis of a spinal tumor on my T7 vertebrae and my surprise Stage Four cancer status. Plus, music!