This brilliant followup to Resurrection Road is an immersive cinematic soundscape, an auditory feast that treats the listener to an atmospheric adventure, deeply textured, reminiscent of some of the best from Pink Floyd or Roger Waters. It is obvious that Spector had a lot of fun with this release, like Resurrection Road it is a bit dark at times, but this album is has an element of exploration and discovery, and even wonder. Mr Spector's battle against stage 4 prostate cancer continues, and his latest album is a gift that shows us that after the fear and horror of such a diagnosis, life is still filled with joy, and victories are meant to be savored and enjoyed.”

Oz Osborne

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The Art of Not Dying is best-selling horror author and musician Spector's ongoing chronicle of battling Stage Four metastatic prostate cancer: the three albums to date are Resurrection Road (2017), Outposts (2018), Kicking Cans (2019), and Gratitude (2021).

Each disc is done in neuvo old school indie rock album style: sonic snapshots from the front lines of fighting a life threatening disease. Written, performed and produced by Spector, the work is intense and intimate -- songs of love, loss, mortality, and hope.

Spector is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, a NY Times bestselling author, and screenwriter for feature film and television; his thirteen published books have over three million copies in print and reprints in seven languages.

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Craig Spector

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The title track from Spector's 4th album. Music/Words by Craig Spector, ©2019-2021 Craig Spector & Serendipity Creative, all rights reserved. ASCAP.

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