From the recording Outposts

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Music written, performed, produced by Craig Spector.

©2018 Craig Spector & Serendipity Creative, all rights reserved.


Hospital Song
words/music by Craig Spector

I lay me down to sleep
Every day they take a little more
Just another on the trauma floor
I pray my soul to keep
every time I feel the needle bite
Try to get me through another night
I long to see your face
Hear your footsteps by the door.

Oh baby just a little more
I am here
Holding on.

You are so far away
Flying in as on angel’s wings
to take away another needle’s sting
We’ll see another day
Another page in the book we write
another chapter in this fight we fight
I live to see your face
So long as I know you’ll be there
Oh baby nothing I can’t bear.

I’ll be here, holding on
I am here
Holding on.

And everything I ever wanted
is in your eyes
And everything we ever needed
will be there too
And everything we have to go through,
we do what we gotta do.

Oh darlin’ you are my love my all
through the veil through the sorrow
I have you, you have me
We are all we ever need
the fear the pain will pass tomorrow.
I’ll make it through this bitter night
To see you by the morning
by the morning’s light.

You’ll be here before too long
I’ll be here, holding on
I am here, writing this hospital song
This hospital song
My hospital song
Hospital song