From the recording Outposts

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Music written, performed, produced by Craig Spector.

©2018 Craig Spector & Serendipity Creative, all rights reserved.


Etherium Delirium
Words/Music by Craig Spector

It’s like a dream
you can’t wake up from
in an ocean full of stars.
And a mind lost in motion
in a body full of scars
And I can’t rest and I can’t sleep
I lay me down my soul to keep.

Ooooh will I ever know?
Ooooh some kind of mystery
It’s quite the show
Oooooh do I have to go?
Ahhhhh don’t wanna hear
Don’t need to know.

Oooooh in a time and place
that’s not too far, and full of grace.
Oooooh in that distant place
I call your name, I see your face.

A little peace is hard to find.
Etherium delirium, it’s in my mind.