Hi there -- I'm a bestselling novelist and screenwriter as well as a musician. Originally self-taught on guitar, I got into the Berklee College of Music at the age of 19 with no formal musical education, a six-song self-produced demo, and a lot of cajones. I completed the four year program in three years and graduated with honors.  In my final semester, I came up with an idea about a punk vampire in the subways of Manhattan; I finished school and moved to NYC, where I spent two years as a roller-skating street messenger: combat-skating midtown Manhattan by day, writing the book and playing in rock bands by night. With no agent and no experience, I ultimately delivered the book to the publisher disguised as a messenger run. It worked. The book, THE LIGHT AT THE END, became a NY Times bestseller.  From there I went on to write more books, with millions of copies in print and reprints in nine languages... and then went on to Los Angeles to become a screenwriter for feature film and television. Like you do.  Life is strange and unusual sometimes.

That was many moons ago. I had some success but never got rich, but I always lived my life on my own terms, and I did the work I felt it important to do. I think I've lived an interesting life.



On June 4, 2016, at the age of 57, I was diagnosed with Stage Four prostate cancer, metastisized to my bones. The last few years have been a journey, and what a strange trip it's been.

Welcome to my Resurrection Road...

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